VWR®, Prepared Slides: General Biology

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VWR®, Prepared Slides: General Biology
Objektglas Prepared Slides
Set of prepared slides for educational purposes, to better understand general biology.

  • Unicellular animal i.e. amoeba or other
  • Paramecium (w.b.)
  • Hydra (w.b.)
  • Daphnia (w.b.)
  • Lumbricus, earthworm (c.s.)
  • House fly mouth (w.b.)
  • Honey bee mouth (w.b.)
  • Honey bee hind leg
  • Three bacteria smears
  • Simple flat epitelium (w.b.)
  • Skeletal muscle (l.s. and c.s.) human blood smear
  • Frog blood smear
  • Lung section
  • Artery and vein (c.s.)
  • Human skin section through hair follicle
  • Spirogyra conjugation (w.b.)
  • Volvox (w.b.)
  • Moss (w.b.)
  • Mitosis, onion root tip cell (s.)
  • Monocot and dicot roots (c.s.)
  • Monocot and dicot shafts (c.s.)
  • Tilia (linden tree), 1 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Tilia (linden tree), 3 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Monocot and dicot leaves (c.s.)

(c.s.) = cross section; (l.s.) longitudinal section; (w.b.) = whole body
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