Balance enclosures, XPert™

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Balance enclosures, XPert™
Stinkskabe og kabinetter Ekstraktionsskabe
XPert™ balance enclosures provide user protection by keeping powders, particulates and fume contained during weighing procedures. They are well suited for pharmaceutical research and other laboratory applications involving weighing of toxic substances. These vented balance safety enclosures may be ducted to the outside or connected to the FilterMate Portable Exhauster to be exhausted back into the laboratory through HEPA filters, carbon filters, or a combination of both HEPA and carbon filters.

  • The deep interior easily accommodates large micro and analytical balances
  • Clean-Sweep™ airfoil allows air to sweep the work surface for maximum containment
  • The perforated rear baffle promotes horizontal laminar airflow to maximise containment
  • Upper containment sash foil bleeds air into the enclosure to direct concentrations of contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone
  • Upper dilution air supply introduces room air at the top of the sash to dilute contaminants in the upper chamber and bathe the back of the sash with clean air
  • Airfoil’s ergonomic design provides a comfortable position for the operator’s forearms

Sturdy glacier white and grey, dry powder epoxy-coated aluminium frame and steel rear plenum and baffle dissipate static charge. Tempered safety glass front sash, sides, and top offer excellent visibility, ambient light, and protection. Ergonomic angled sash allows a closer view, reduces glare, and provides a more comfortable operating position than vertical sashes. Hinged sash pivots upward and locks to a loading height of 508 mm.

Systems feature a true bag-in/bag-out filter disposal system for safely removing and replacing the HEPA filter.

Certificeringer: All systems conform to modified ASHRAE 110-1995 standards, SEFA 1-2002 standards, and ANSI Z9.5-1-993 standards. Also CE marked.
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