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Dispersers, LABOR-PILOT 2000/4

Leverandør: IKA
The LABOR-PILOT is a compact and multi-purpose inline laboratory dispersing machine. It is designed for solid-liquid mixing, homogenising, emulsifying, suspending and wet milling. The LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 is suitable for wide range of applications, particularly in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, plastics, colours and food industries. It is uniquely designed with advanced technology and is available with six interchangeable modules.

  • Flexibility and ease of use: One machine suits for many applications and variety of processes
  • Together with inline machines of 2000 series enables seamless transition of processes from laboratory to production while retaining the product quality
  • Easy and quick exchange of the modules as well as conversion to a complete working plant
  • CIP and SIP capable
  • Integral electronic control via LABOR-PILOT-CONTROLLER

It can be customized to fit particular procedural demands. Important process parameters such as circumferential speed, tools and mixing chamber geometry are structurally identical to those of the IKA 2000 inline production machines: UTL, DR, DRS, MHD, MK and MKO. Therefore, the LABOR-PILOT ensures a reliable scale-up by offering the possibility to work with the same method from formulation development to mass production. The laboratory dispersing machine LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 can be upgraded to a high-speed dispersing machine with the LABOR-PILOT-CONTROLLER.

The LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 differs from the alternative PROCESS-PILOT 2000/4 machine due to the applied seal technology and two additional process modules for powder entry in recirculation mode. For working under pressure/vacuum and with elevated temperatures or abrasive materials, we recommend the machine PROCESS-PILOT. The basic inline machine is equipped with the single-stage dispersing module ULTRA-TURRAX® UTL. It is best suited for batch applications and can be adapted for the manufacturing of dispersions from coarse to fine. Compared to a conventional stirrer, the mixing time is reduced by up to 50%. Depending on the application, the basic unit can be modified quickly with different working modules.

The DISPAX-REACTOR® DR module converts the LABOR-PILOT into a multi-stage high capacity dispersing machine for fine particle size reduction. With just one pass, the module DR does typically achieve fine dispersions with an extremely narrow particle size distribution. It also guarantees an optimum homogeneity, which is an important pre-condition for the long-time stability of emulsions or suspensions.

The MHD module is designed for a fully continuous incorporation of powders into liquids. By use of this module, the mixing relation of solid and liquid should be volumetrically or gravimetrically controlled. Depending on the product characteristics, dispersions with viscosities up to 50 Pas or solid contents up to 80% can be achieved just after one pass.

The Colloid Mill MK and Cone Mill MKO modules are used for wet or fine milling of hard and granular raw materials or for the production of finest emulsions as well as for improving of quality of finished dispersions. The MK module consists of two cones with differently directed flow channels on their surfaces. The cones can be shifted against each other to a minimum distance, thus varying friction as well as flow capacity. By adjusting the milling gap, the achievable particle size can be controlled. The MKO module works on the same principle as the MK module except the outlet area of its cones is coated with abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide. This results in an enlarged friction surface that enables to produce even finer suspensions at reduced flow.



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Beskrivelse Pakn VWR katalog nummer Mængde
Dispersers, LABOR-PILOT with clamp connection 1 IKAAU103694

LABOR-PILOT Controller
Beskrivelse Pakn VWR katalog nummer Mængde
Styreenhed, 1,5 kW, LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT054916

Beskrivelse Pakn VWR katalog nummer Mængde
MHD-modul til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT055142
MK-modul til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT054917
MKO-modul til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT061069
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Model LABOR-PILOT 2000/4
Volumen H₂O (ml) Flow capacity: 300 - 700 l/h
Hastighedsområde (min-1) 3160 - 13750 (with PILOT controller)
Motoreffekt (W) 1500
B×D×H (mm) 450×250×350
Vægt (kg) 36


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Tilbehør til dispensere, LABOR-PILOT 2000/4
Beskrivelse Pakn VWR katalog nummer Mængde
Ankeromrører til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT058564
Cirkulationsbøjning med mellemstykke til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT057796
Formalingsværktøj, WCCO-belagt til modul MKO 1 IKAAT061389
Formalingsværktøj med spiralgear til modul MK 1 IKAAT056698
Forseglingssæt O-ringe, standard af Viton® til modul DISPAX-REACTOR® 1 IKAAT056687
Forseglingssæt O-ringe, standard af Viton® til modul MHD 1 IKAAT056689
Forseglingssæt O-ringe, standard af Viton® til modul MK 1 IKAAT056693
Forseglingssæt O-ringe standard til modul UTL 1 IKAAT056678
Generator, 2G, til modul UTL 1 IKAAT055001
Generator, 2P, til modul UTL 1 IKAAT055002
Generator, 4M, til modul UTL 1 IKAAT054949
Generator, 6F, til modul UTL 1 IKAAT055000
Lukket møtrik DN 15 til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056484
Pakningssæt O-ringe af FFPM / FEP til modul DISPAX-REACTOR® 1 IKAAT056688
Pakningssæt O-ringe af FFPM / FEP til modul MHD 1 IKAAT056691
Pakningssæt O-ringe af FFPM / FEP til modul MK 1 IKAAT056694
Pakningssæt O-ringe af FFPM / FEP til modul MKO 1 IKAAT061084
Pakningssæt O-ringe FFPM / FEP til modul UTL 1 IKAAT056680
Pakningssæt til cirkulationsbøjning til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056730
Skaftforseglingssæt, PTFE, til modulerne DISPAX-REACTOR®, UTL,MHD, MK og MKO 1 IKAAT054617
Slangedyse DN 15 til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056486
Slangedyse K / M DN 25 til kontinuerlig drift af LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT057251
Standard forseglingssæt O-ringe, Viton®, til modul MKO 1 IKAAT061081
Teleskopstativ til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT055330
Tovejs kugleventil til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056468
Tragt til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056458
Trevejs stophane til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT056482
Viskere til ankeromrører, PTFE, til LABOR-PILOT 1 IKAAT058714
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