VWR®, Ultradlydsrengøring

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VWR®, Ultradlydsrengøring
Ultrasonic cleaning penetrates even microscopic openings to provide complete cleaning of the objects treated. This makes it one of the most effective, economical and powerful cleaning methods available. It has applications in laboratories, dental and medical technology, microelectronics, precision engineering, cosmetics, optics and the automotive industry.

  • Housing and cleaning baths made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • High performance PTZ ultrasonic converter with ceramic technology
  • Baths with 9,2 litre capacity and upwards are fitted with a drain cock

The baths have a heavy duty ultrasonic generator which ensures that the ultrasonic output remains constant, regardless of the bath temperature, fill level and cleaning material. This feature guarantees consistent, reproducible cleaning results. 'Frequency sweeping', a frequency modulation of the ultrasonic output generated, prevents 'standing waves' from being generated and ensures extremely homogeneous energy distribution in the cleaning bath.

All models have a timer. The analogue version is equipped with a mechanical timer up to maximum of 15 minutes. They also have an adjustable ultrasonic function from 10 to 100% of the effective output. As a result, the energy can be adjusted precisely to the objects to be cleaned.

Certificeringer: Alle modeller overholder de europæiske standarder for EMC og elektrisk sikkerhed.

Information om tilbehør: Baskets and beaker-positioning lids: Stainless steel and rust-proof. Beakers and test tubes to be cleaned should never lie directly on the bottom of the tank as they will not benefit fully from the cleaning action. Immersion baskets position articles being cleaned correctly in the bath and prevent the bottom of the tank from becoming scratched. Beakers for cleaning smaller items, or for working with aggressive solutions, can be fitted in positioning covers.
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