Microcarrier spinner flasks, Magna-Flex®, WHEATON®

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Microcarrier spinner flasks, Magna-Flex®, WHEATON®
Flasks Spinner Flasks
Borosilicate glass.

  • Two large side arms with screw cap closures allow easy sampling
  • Units 500 ml and larger have 45 mm side arms to be used as an air vent, media inlet or outlet, inoculation port, pH probe, etc
  • All flasks have been proportioned to provide a headspace of 1:1 or greater
  • Removable stainless steel pin immobilises the impeller during handling or decanting to prevent damage to cells or microcarriers
  • Size 125 to 1000 ml are graduated in 50 ml increments; sizes 3000 to 6000 ml are graduated in 500 ml increments

These flasks feature a flex type, bulb-shaped impeller, which rotates from a fixed position above liquid level around an indentation in the base of the flask. Primarily used with microcarrier cultures, this stirring system increases stirring efficiency and provides a gentle, even circulation throughout the flask while keeping the beads in suspension.
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