Bacterial Protein Extraction Kits, B-PER®

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Bacterial Protein Extraction Kits, B-PER®
Protein Extraction Protein Extraction Kits
B-PER® Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagents are designed to extract soluble protein from bacterial cells. The B-PER® Bacterial Protein Extraction Kit eliminates the need for harsh mechanical procedures, like sonication. The easy-to-use cell lysis solution uses mild non-ionic detergents to disrupt cells and solubilise proteins without denaturation. Enzyme supplements such as DNase I and Lysozyme allow for improved yield of large molecular weight proteins which are difficult to purify. B-PER® is also compatible with downstream protein purification methods such as GST purification and His-tagged immobilised metal affinity chromatography (IMAC).

  • Fast and simple - just add B-PER® Reagent to a bacterial pellet and shake for 10 minutes
  • Recover soluble and insoluble recombinant protein - purify inclusion bodies to homogeneity
  • Flexible - B-PER® Reagents are suitable for any scale of protein extraction
  • Compatible - completely compatible with addition of protease inhibitor cocktails, and resulting protein extract can be used in protein assays, typical affinity purification methods (example GST, 6xHis) and other applications
  • Convenient, ready-to-use format
  • B-PER® II Reagent is twice as concentrated as the B-PER® Reagent and designed for small volumes of lysate so the protein remains concentrated

Delivery information: Kit contains B-PER® Reagent, 250 ml; Lysozyme, 50 mg/ml, 0,5 ml; and DNase I, 2500 U/ml, 0,5 ml. Separate reagents are also available.
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