Experimentation kits, antigen-antibody interaction: the ouchterlony procedure

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Experimentation kits, antigen-antibody interaction: the ouchterlony procedure
Undervisningsmateriale Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
This experiment introduces students to the principles of antigen-antibody interactions by using the Ouchterlony procedure. Antibodies and antigens form complexes that precipitate, making it possible to assay antibody-antigen systems. The binding interaction results in the formation of a white precipitate after diffusion in agarose.

  • For 10 Lab Groups
  • Complete in 35 minutes followed by overnight incubation

Also required: Automatic micropipettes with tips, 5 or 10 ml pipettes, 55 °C water bath, measuring spatulas or toothpicks, microwave or hot plate, distilled water, and incubator (optional).

Leveringsinformation: Kit includes instructions, animal serum antigens and antibodies, practice gel loading solution, agarose, powdered buffer, transfer pipettes, Petri plates, well cutters, and microtest tubes.
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