Thermal imagers, testo 883

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Thermal imagers, testo 883
The testo 883 thermal imager provides outstanding image quality, automatic allocation/archiving of thermal images to the measurement object and professional image analysis and reporting.

  • Useful features: testo SiteRecognition intelligent image management and testo ScaleAssist automatic contrast adjustment
  • Extensive analysis and documentation: With the intuitive professional software testo IRSoft
  • Full control: Manual focus and interchangeable lenses
  • Interchangeable telephoto lens for distant objects and outdoor recording
  • Manual focus for sharp thermal images from a distance of 100 mm
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen and joystick
  • Wireless transmission of readings from clamp meter or humidity probe directly into the thermal image via Bluetooth®

IR resolution of 320×240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640×480 pixels), manual focus and a very good NETD of 40 mK all ensure the best image quality – so you can reliably detect thermal abnormalities in installations and buildings. testo SiteRecognition enables intelligent image management. Thermal images are automatically assigned to the correct measurement object based on the QR code at the measuring location – this eliminates the need for tedious, manual image assignment on the PC.

testo IRSoft: Analyze thermal images comprehensively with the intuitive, professional PC software and create impressive reports within a short period of time. testo ScaleAssist: Automatic contrast adjustment for objectively comparable thermal images and easier detection of weak spots. testo Thermography App: With the app, your smartphone/tablet becomes a second display and a remote control for your thermal imager. You can quickly create, send or save reports on site.

Certificeringer: RED: 2014/53/EU; EMC: 2014/30/EU; WEEE: 2012/19/EU; RoHS: 2011/65/EU + 2015/863; REACH: 1907/2006

Leveringsinformation: Supplied with 883 thermal imager with standard lens 30×23°, robust case, professional software IRSoft (free download), USB-C cable, USB mains unit, Li-ion rechargeable battery, carrying strap for the thermal imager, Bluetooth® headset (depending on the country), short instructions and calibration protocol.

Kits contain testo 883 thermal imager with standard lens 30×23°, telephoto lens 12×9°, USB-C, cable, USB mains unit, Li-ion rechargeable battery, spare battery, battery-charging station, with USB cable, carrying strap, Bluetooth® headset (depending on the country), short instructions, calibration protocol, professional software IRSoft (free download), in a case.
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