Masterflex® Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flowmeter for Gases, Avantor®

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Masterflex® Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flowmeter for Gases, Avantor®
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Achieve high accuracy and low pressure drop!

  • Full-scale pressure drops as low as 0.1 psid to 0.69 psid
  • Measure 30 standard gases with a 200:1 turndown ratio
  • Set up and control from an easy-to-use keypad

Using a newer laminar differential pressure flow technology, these mass flow meters and controllers have a much lower pressure drop across the instrument. Meters and controllers require no warm-up time, and offer a 10 ms response time for meters and 100 ms for controllers. Typical applications include air sampling, natural gas metering and calibration, and gas analysis and totalizing. Select from 130 different gases in real time with the gas and gas mix calibrations already programmed into the meter or controller. An integrated keypad around the display is all that is required to program the unit for service. The 0 to 5 VDC output permits transmission of the flow value to a remote display, recorder, or controller regulating a valve or pump.

Battery-Powered Meters allow you to take the meter from site to site for flow rate establishment and on-site calibration. They have a monochrome display and rechargeable integrated battery packs.

Voltage-Powered Meters and Controllers are designed for single-area use and feature a dynamic, color thin-film transistor (TFT) display with backlight. The TFT display simultaneously shows flow rate, line pressure, fluid temperature, and (for controllers) the set point. Easily see when the unit is at max range or out of range—each numeric reading of the four parameters changes to yellow at 100% of range or red at 128% of range. Both power and input/output signals are transmitted through a single multipin connector.

Leveringsinformation: Includes 120/230 VAC power adapter with communications cable and NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by the manufacturer.
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