Masterflex® Correlated and Direct-Read Variable Area Flowtubes for Air and Water, Avantor®

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MFLX32047-10EA 415 DKK
MFLX32047-10 MFLX32047-12 MFLX32047-11 MFLX03217-29 MFLX32047-50 MFLX32047-51 MFLX32047-90 MFLX03219-50 MFLX03219-51 MFLX03219-52 MFLX03219-53 MFLX32047-09 MFLX03219-54 MFLX03219-55 MFLX03219-56 MFLX03219-57 MFLX03217-33 MFLX32047-02 MFLX03219-58 MFLX03219-59 MFLX32047-86 MFLX32047-89 MFLX32047-01 MFLX32047-00 MFLX32047-88 MFLX32047-84 MFLX32047-81 MFLX03219-60 MFLX03219-66 MFLX32047-32 MFLX32047-76 MFLX32047-31 MFLX03217-05 MFLX32047-77 MFLX32047-72 MFLX03217-07 MFLX32047-71 MFLX32047-74 MFLX03217-09 MFLX32047-73 MFLX32047-70 MFLX03219-70 MFLX03219-72 MFLX03219-74 MFLX32047-29 MFLX32047-28 MFLX32047-69 MFLX32047-68 MFLX03217-11 MFLX32047-27 MFLX03217-13 MFLX32047-21 MFLX32047-64 MFLX32047-20 MFLX03217-15 MFLX32047-23 MFLX32047-67 MFLX32047-22 MFLX32047-66 MFLX03217-17 MFLX32047-61 MFLX03217-19 MFLX32047-60 MFLX32047-63 MFLX32047-62 MFLX32047-18 MFLX32047-17 MFLX32047-19 MFLX03217-21 MFLX32047-14 MFLX32047-13 MFLX32047-57 MFLX03217-23 MFLX32047-16 MFLX32047-15
Masterflex® Correlated and Direct-Read Variable Area Flowtubes for Air and Water, Avantor®
Create your own flowmeter systems for complete flexibility.

  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate
  • Direct-reading flowmeters feature a calibrated scale for a specific medium—no need to convert readings to get flow rate
  • Use with air or water for laboratory and industrial applications
  • Required system components for flowmeter systems would be frame, flowtube(s), valve cartridge, and tripod—order each component separately
  • Minimum flow rate is approximately 10% of max flow rate

Design a flow system to meet your metering, mixing, or monitoring applications. We offer a variety of frames and flowtubes so that you can create the system to meet your exact needs.

Choose 65- or 150-mm flowtubes depending on the selected frame size. Flowtubes are calibrated for direct-reading or correlated reading of air or water at STP (standard temperature and pressure).
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