Analogue input module, module for AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 with 0 - 10 V input

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Analogue input module, module for AiroSensor X ER 20-20-43 with 0 - 10 V input
The SenseAnywhere 0 - 10 V Input Module is a smart piece of technology that enables digital measurements for all analogue products with a 0 - 10 V output, an industry standard. The Input Module offers limitless possibilities, as all analogue equipment with a 0 - 10 V output can be monitored digitally with high accuracy, allowing for the measurement of CO₂, pressure and the number of dust particles in cleanrooms, among other things.

  • Input module offers limitless possibilities

When the 0 - 10 V Input Module is connected to a third-party sensor, all monitored analogue data is digitised by the electronics in the connector and forwarded via the SenseAnywhere Bus (SAB) interface to an AiroSensor 20-20-43, which transmits all measurements to our safe and secure Cloud environment SAClient. The greatest benefit is that all measured values are available in one system, including alarm and reporting functions. In SAClient, alarm parameters can be set, and SenseAnywhere will send notifications when these parameters are exceeded to ensure the safety and quality of products and processes. All monitored data is visible in real-time, with full audit trails available for download.

The 0 - 10 V Input Module can be calibrated because the electronics in the connector is the instrument used to determine the measured value. This means that only the 0 - 10 V Input Module needs to be calibrated, not the AiroSensor model 20-20-43 to which it is connected for reliable analogue measurements. The SAClient portal offers many options to set up the parameters that the analogue sensor is measuring including unit of measurement, offset and scaling.

Temperature range: −40 to +70 °C
Input impedance: 22,2 kOhm
Max voltage: ±15 V; ESD protection: ±2 KV
Temperature drift: < 0,15 µV/°C
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Casing material: PA (UL 94 V-o)
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