Fibre analyser, FIWE advance automatic

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Fibre analyser, FIWE advance automatic
Ekstraktorer Systemer til fiberbestemmelse
The FIWE Advance is a fully automatic analyser for Crude and Detergent Fibre determination according to official reference methods. State of the art technology ensures safety, premium remote connectivity and a unique user experience. FIWE Advance Load and Go operation, requires minimum operator time, just 2 minutes, to improve productivity.

  • Crude Fibre determination and Detergent Fibre determination of NDF, ADF, ADL
  • FIWE Advance automates digestion, filtration and washing steps without any intervention to free up valuable operator time
  • Completely safe: Pre-heat, dispense, and collect hot chemicals automatically avoiding user contact with hot chemicals and fumes
  • Fibre residues stay in crucibles during all steps of the analysis eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring consistent results
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with a 7" colour touch screen
  • Optional balance connection and barcode scanner available to simplify analysis preparation

The FIWE Advance automates digestion, washing and filtration steps guaranteeing consistency for Crude Fibre with Weende Method and Detergent Fibre for fibre fraction with Van Soest Method NDF, ADF and ADL. FIWE Advance produces accurate results that always comply with official ISO and AOAC methods for both Crude Fibre and Detergent Fibre. In addition, the FIWE Advance method using crucibles avoids the loss of fibre due to the transfer of the sample which remains in the crucible for the duration of the analytical procedure. The sample remains inside the crucibles during the extraction, digestion, washing and filtration phases, and also during weighing and finally for drying and ashing, eliminating the risks of error.

FIWE Advance saves valuable time by reducing costs and improving the laboratory productivity. FIWE Advance requires only 2 minutes of operator time compared to more than 50 minutes/operator of a semi-automatic solution. No need to preheat and pour chemicals into the columns, manage the temperature for proper boiling, or make sure the filtration is successful. With FIWE Advance all these operations are automatic and thanks to the cloud connection the operator is always informed via immediate notifications.

With FIWE Advance, fibre analysis is easy and convenient. The 7" touchscreen display and the User Interface make operations simple and smart. The FIWE Advance has pre-installed methods developed by VELP in accordance with official methods. You can create custom methods and select your favourites for maximum convenience and to speed-up your daily work. FIWE Advance has 3× USB ports and allows you to connect VELP barcode readers to facilitate data insertion and to avoid transcription errors. Connecting your balance will make data transfer and calculation of results quick and easy.

The FIWE Advance is designed to work automatically, unattended and with the connectivity option to VELP Ermes cloud platform, you can monitor and control your analyses wherever you are, anytime you need to avoiding routine instrument checks and download of data. VELP Ermes is available for PC, smartphone and tablet.

Repeatability: ±1% relative at 5 to 30% fibre amount
Reagent pre-heating time: 5 to 7 minutes
Water consumption: From 1 L/min
Capacity per day: Up to 36 (Crude Fibre / Wendee Method), Up to 60 (Other methods)
Sample quantity: From 0,5 to 3 g
Measurement range: 0,1 to 100%
Time from pre-heating temperature to boiling: 5 to 10 minutes
Interface: 3×USB (balance, barcode scanner, mouse, USB stick, USB Wi-Fi Adapter), Ethernet (PC)

Certificeringer: EN ISO 6865, AOAC 978.10 NEUTRAL DETERGENT FIBER - NDF, Andf
EN ISO 13906, AOAC 973.18 CB certificate FIWE cNEMKOus certificate

Bestillingsoplysninger: FIWE Advance is supplied with VELP Ermes 1 Year connection, glass crucibles P2, calibration pump device, cooling tap water inlet tube, PVC tube Ø7×10 mm, EPDM tube Ø 6,4×11,2 mm, inlet tube for distilled water, outlet tube for residues, tongs for crucibles, holder for crucibles, heat shield and handling device for crucibles.
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