Hydrolysis unit, HU 6

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VELPF30300150EA 26050 DKK
Hydrolysis unit, HU 6
Ekstraktorer Systemer til fiberbestemmelse
Convenient, reliable and safe acid and basic hydrolysis unit, for sample preparation prior to extraction for total fat determination.

  • Fast and precise heating with 0,5 °C temperature stability and homogeneity
  • Convenient operation saving user time
  • Faster and enhanced filtration thanks to valves that allow selective interruption of the vacuum at each position
  • Continuous filtration and rinsing six samples in parallel
  • Intuitive digital interface
  • Low energy consumption

The HU 6 hydrolysis unit is the ideal solution for treatment prior to solvent extraction for the determination of the total fat content, to free the fat molecules ready for extraction. This procedure is required in AOAC Official Methods to determine the fat content of food samples such as meat, cheese, seafood, chocolate, cereal flours, etc. The HU 6 performs hydrolysis in complete safety and handles six samples at the same time to maximise productivity.

Samples are heated in test-tubes in an aluminium heating block offering excellent thermal homogeneity. Hydrolysis is performed in an acidic environment (4 N hydrochloric acid) and in some cases also in a basic environment (20% w/v ammonia) for about 60 minutes at 170 °C. The hydrolysed sample is then filtered in a glass crucible and washed with warm deionised water to eliminate traces of hydrochloric acid.

The glass crucible containing the hydrolysed and washed sample is oven dried before being placed in a desiccator. The crucible is then transferred directly to the SER 158 and SER 148 Solvent Extraction Unit avoiding any possible sample loss and ensuring improved accuracy of results.

In some samples, direct solvent extraction is not efficient because the lipids are chemically bound to other components. The determination of the total fat content of these samples requires preliminary hydrolysis, followed by filtration and washing to completely release the fat molecules.

The hydrolysed sample is finally ready for extraction and can be easily transferred to the SER 148 or SER 158 Solvent Extraction Unit avoiding any possible sample loss and ensuring accurate results. The HU 6 provides effective filtration and allows 3 or 6 samples to be rinsed in parallel. The valves allow the vacuum at each position to be selectively interrupted, speeding up the filtration process.

Bestillingsoplysninger: The HU 6 must be equipped with the glassware kit to perform the hydrolysis on 3 samples. For the simultaneous analysis of 6 samples 2× glassware kits are required.

Leveringsinformation: HU 6 is supplied with: 3× crucibles P1, 3× test tubes, 1× suction manifold, 1× vacuum pump to reduce acid fumes, 6× gaskets, 3× perforated plugs and 3× suction pipes. 
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