What's in my lunch? quantitative milk allergy ELISA kit

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What's in my lunch? quantitative milk allergy ELISA kit
Undervisningsmateriale Biologisk undervisningsmateriale Biochemistry Learning Activities
Milk proteins are the most common food allergens in children. Accurate detection and labeling is vital to inform consumers about potentially dangerous foods.

  • Explore enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) and the immune system
  • Perform an ELISA on food samples of your choice
  • Detect the milk protein whey and determine its concentration
  • Learn how the food industry uses biotechnologies to detect allergens
  • A strong STEM lab! Make serial dilutions, use computer imaging technologies, and create a standard curve

In this inquiry-based experiment, students will master the concepts behind the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Students will perform an ELISA to detect the presence and measure the concentration of whey protein in various food products.

For up to 10 lab groups, completes in two hours.

Includes: Instructions, 10x ELISA wash buffer, ELISA dilution buffer, whey antigen (lyophilized), anti-whey antibody (lyophilized), secondary antibody, TMB substrate, stop solution, strip tubes (8-well), snap-top microcentrifuge tubes, homogenization pestles with tubes, 15 mL conical tubes, and transfer pipets.

All you need: Various food samples to be tested, distilled or deionized water, beakers or flasks, paper towels, disposable lab gloves, safety goggles, automatic micropipettes (5-50µl, 100-1000µl) and tips, digital camera or cell phone with camera (optional), computers with internet, image analysis program, and graphing program (optional).

Advarsel: Some components require refrigerator storage.
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