Competent cell packs

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Competent cell packs
Kompetente celler
High efficiency competent cells in convenient packaging designed to satisfy higher throughput requirements.

  • XL2-Blue MRF’ ultracompetent cells allow cloning of methylated DNA at transformation efficiencies >5×10⁹ transformants/µg DNA
  • XL2-Blue ultracompetent cells provide transformation efficiency >5×10⁹ transformants/µg DNA and maintain an EndA- genotype that allows for preparation of high-quality plasmid DNA
  • Tetracycline- and chloramphenicol-resistant
  • Deficient in all known E.coli restriction enzymes, preventing cleavage of methylated DNA
  • Endonuclease-deficient, improving quality of miniprep DNA, and recombination-deficient, improving insert stability
  • Allows blue-white screening for recombinant plasmids
  • Transformation efficiency ≥1×10⁸
  • XL10-Gold ultracompetent cells, with the novel Hte (high transformation efficiency) phenotype, provide 25-fold higher transformation of ligated DNA compared to DH10B and XL2-Blue cells

The SoloPack Gold cells provide the high performance and convenience of single-tube transformation in efficiencies for everyday cloning. With the SoloPack single-reaction format, there is no more thawing, aliquoting and refreezing. Thaw only the cells you need. There are fewer pipetting steps, because the entire transformation reaction occurs in the tube supplied.

Routine Cloning Competent Cell Packs contain three strains packaged together to increase lab efficiency. XL2-Blue MRF' ultracompetent cells are deficient in all known E. coli K12 restriction systems, letting you clone DNA from eukaryotic genomes.XL2-Blue ultracompetent cells are our most versatile. XL2-Blue provides a host for optimal propagation of plasmids and screening by blue/white selection. The SoloPack Gold competent cells provide a single-use format with a transformation protocol that does not require ß-mercaptoethanol, making the protocol easier and more reproducible.

High efficiency 96 Pack Gold competent cells are conveniently packaged in a high-throughput cloning format for rapid transformation. Just add DNA, heat shock, and add outgrowth media directly to the plate. This protocol saves time and reagents, while providing the best possible results.For ultimate convenience, we offer custom configurations, formulations, and packaging options.

Difficult Cloning Competent Cell Packs contain three strains packaged together to increase lab efficiency, optimize protocols economically, and test multiple strains simultaneously. Use XL10-Gold Kanr ultracompetent cells to transform large plasmids or work with limited amounts of DNA. Use SURE supercompetent cells to clone eukaryotic segments of DNA containing inverted repeats or secondary structures, such as Z-DNA. And use Able K competent cells to clone toxic genes present in any ColE1-derived plasmid and isolate sufficient DNA for most downstream applications.

Advarsel: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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