Microscope documentation cameras

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Microscope documentation cameras
Leica (brightfield) colour cameras provide outstanding colour fidelity due to state-of-the-art colour interpolation algorithms performed in the camera head. Leica fluorescence cameras provide high sensor sensitivity allowing short exposure times and, therefore, preventing photo bleaching, so actively protecting cells from any photo damage.

  • Brightfield documentation cameras
  • Even fine structural and colour details can be distinguished due to appropriate pixel sizes for every desired microscope magnification
  • High definition (HD) display directly on a monitor allows discussion of findings with a large auditorium
  • Fluorescence documentation cameras
  • Cooling of the camera reduces unwanted noise and generates crystal clear fluorescence signals against dark background
  • Hardware triggering and overlapping mode of read-out allows high speed, real time live cell imaging

Leica DFC450 C Digital 5 MP colour microscope camera with active cooling system
The Leica DFC450 C is a digital microscope camera with C-mount interface and 5 MP CCD sensor. The camera captures high quality images for darkfield, brightfield and phase contrast microscopy in life science, clinical and industrial applications. Peltier cooling reduces noise for imaging in low light conditions. The large SXGA (1280×960 pixels) live image provides up to 18 frames per second (fps) allowing the sample to be adjusted and focused directly on the computer screen. The camera offers new patented grey scale image modes and additional binning mode for unsurpassed results in bright fluorescence applications.

DMC5400 Colour CMOS camera
The DMC5400 CMOS camera offers high frame rate and high resolution colour images even at low magnification. It is optimised to produce fast, high quality images for documentation, evaluation and analysis, for a wide variety of samples and applications in manufacturing and life science research. Capture high resolution images with a 20 MP sensor. Collect high speed live images at up to 40 frames per second.

FLEXACAM C3 12 MP stand-alone microscope camera
Save time and effort with the FLEXACAM C3 microscope camera when capturing, documenting, and sharing images. The camera turns your microscope into a stand-alone digital imaging station with no need for a PC. Start working by simply connecting the FLEXACAM C3 to your microscope, preferred viewing device and network. Adjust and operate the camera with the integrated on-screen display (OSD) directly via a monitor. The OSD also offers intuitive annotation, overlay and network tools for more flexibility to enhance your documentation. View and share images the way you want. The FLEXACAM C3 can be adapted to your workplace set up - simply connect the camera to your monitor or PC and network. Thanks to the 12 MP CMOS sensor and large dynamic range, fine details and ‘true to life’ colours are a given. The FLEXACAM C3 is your fast, adaptable microscope camera solution for a wide variety of samples and applications in industry, life science, forensics and education.

Leica ICC50 W cameras for compound microscopes
These 5 MP cameras can live stream HD images to students’ smartphones or tablets. Students can connect to the ICC50 W either through their own internal Wi-Fi signal or through the facilities network. For mobile devices download the Leica AirLab App! It is free of charge and available for both IOS and Android. With intuitive touch screen control, students can quickly and easily capture, annotate, archive and share images. The camera can also be accessed with any Wi-Fi-enabled Windows PC or MAC. For stand-alone HD screens or larger screen projections you can use the HDMI connection.

Leica ICC50 E cameras for compound microscopes
This 5 MP camera exclusively uses the facilities network (WLAN or LAN) to allow students to connect to the camera. This is an ideal solution if you don't want to add additional Wi-Fi access points to your existing wireless network.

The K3 C colour and K3 M monochrome cameras
Provide solutions for fast and reliable analytical tasks typically done for life science, industrial, and clinical applications. These cameras empower you to image a vast range of challenging samples with color-brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Examples include fluorescently labeled and stained tissues and cells, particles for cleanliness analysis, steel, and forensic evidence.

The K3 color CMOS camera provides a well-balanced feature set with high frame rates, very good dynamic range, and excellent color reproduction. It delivers 12-bit/channel RGB quantifiable images. With the K3 C/ K3 M microscope camera you can get an imaging system that is customised for your specific needs. You can scan and stitch images of large format samples in half the time compared to previous generation cameras. The K3 C/ K3 M cameras are excellent, easy-to-use and set-up, low-noise devices. Either color camera K3 C or monochrome camera K3 M can act as a workhorse for your laboratory or site.

K5 sCMOS microscope camera
The K5 is ideal for routine fluorescence imaging applications such as immunostaining assays and 3-D cell culture imaging. Image a wide variety of sample types with the flexibility and power of high 4,2 MP resolution and fast 40 fps imaging brought to you by the K5. Bring the flexibility and power of sCMOS technology into your lab and image the details of your experiment. Efficiently segment crucial real time events. Improve signal-to-background of your THUNDER Imager.

K5C colour CMOS camera
The K5C enables you to capture high resolution images at any magnification level due to its 20 MP CMOS sensor. You’ll get insights and results for live images fast, thanks to a frame rate of 32 fps, helping you use speed to your imaging advantage. Your benefits: distinguish, study and document small differences, capture more in a single shot, and see changes immediately in your live image. The K5C is compatible with both versions of the Leica Application Suite software (LAS and LAS X) and its expert modules will help you to document your samples accurately.

Leica DFC3000 CCD microscope camera
The Leica DFC3000 G is a grey scale USB 3.0 microscope camera for routine fluorescence applications. You will receive crisp images due to its unique passive cooling architecture and its highly sensitive CCD sensor. Correlated pixel double-sampling together with a reduction of the ambient temperature of the sensor offers an exceptionally clear, noise-free signal. Its CCD sensor is particularly suitable for low light situations such as fluorescence and will capture even the smallest amounts of light. The camera produces live images with up to 30 frames per second, so that you can inspect your samples rapidly and protect your immune-stained specimen and transfected cell cultures from too much light exposure. The USB 3.0 interface provides fast data transfer. In combination with a manual or motorised inverted or upright microscope, the Leica DFC3000 G forms an affordable fluorescence package for all budgets.

DFC7000 Pro class fluorescence microscope camera
Get the best possible results for your daily fluorescence and brightfield imaging applications with outstanding resolution and sensitivity. These cooled 2,8 MP cameras provide a new paradigm for camera image quality through truly innovative design.

Information om tilbehør: AirTeach software is compatible with the following cameras and microscopes: ICC50W&E, EZ4W&E, S9i and IC90E.

Bestillingsoplysninger: 2 year warranty.
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