Pipette tracker, LightOne™ Illuminator Pro, Embitec®

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Pipette tracker, LightOne™ Illuminator Pro, Embitec®
Lysbord LED Transilluminatorer
Compact benchtop illuminator helps to visually identify a specific sample well, complete lanes or rows, to aid in loading 384-well or 96-well plates.

  • Red LEDs minimize quenching of fluorescent dyes, and light up in three distinct intensities
  • Auto and manual/hands-free advance modes
  • Dedicated LED for each sample well to provide accurate guidance
  • Auto and manual advance, or import plate design via USB connector
  • Online plate design generator available for creating sample layout file for importing
  • Material: White polycarbonate

The LightOne™ Illuminator Pro is a compact bench top pipetting aid for enhanced visualization of 96- or 384-well plates. It provides illumination of specific wells during dispensing, and as a stand-alone device, requires no computer interface. The illumination may be advanced manually or automatically with a user-defined time interval with a convenient pause feature included. The LightOne™ Illuminator Pro reduces errors associated with manual pipetting into 96- or 384-well plates, and increases the confidence of the operator in delivering the correct reagent or sample to the intended well.

The red LEDs in the LightOne™ Illuminator Pro make it desireable to use with qPCR samples since they provide illumination without bleaching the dyes commonly used for qPCR assays. Another distinct advantage of the Pro system over the standard white light system is that it can be used with qPCR samples without bleaching the dyes commonly used in this technique.

Design the plate on the device or use the file converter. Plug in the USB drive and you're ready to pipette. Plug in the foot switch for hands-free control.

Bestillingsoplysninger: Tilt stand not included.
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