Saltsyre opløsning 3 M in methanol, LiChropur™ for GC derivatisation, Supelco®

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Saltsyre opløsning 3 M in methanol, LiChropur™ for GC derivatisation, Supelco®

Methanolic HCl (hydrogen chloride in methanol) is particularly useful for preparing methyl esters of volatile (short chain) fatty acids. Fatty acids are esterified by heating them with an anhydrous alcohol in the presence of an acidic catalyst in a sealed vessel at a high temperature for a short time. In the reaction, a fatty acid molecule and an alcohol molecule are joined, with the release of a water molecule. The derivatives can be quickly and easily recovered, quantitatively, from the reaction medium.

  • Clean reaction (no side reaction) with volatile by-products
  • Provides clean, fast, quantitative derivatisation

Suitable for derivatisation of corticosteroids, estrogens, fatty acids, hop and beer bitter acids, lipids and formic and acetic acid (in cigarette smoke).

Formel: HCl
Molekylvægt: 36,46 g/mol
Massefylde: 0,871...0.881 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Opbevaringstemperatur: Fryser
MDL Number: MFCD00011324
CAS-nummer: 7647-01-0
UN nummer: 3286
ADR: 3 (6.1, 8),II

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Specifikationer Testresultater

Appearance (Color) Colorless
Appearance (Form) Liquid
Titration (Method) Alkalimetric
Titration (Molarity) 2.7 - 3.3 mol/l
Remarks on GC Suitibility for GC Derivatization Complying
Density D20/4 0.871 - 0.881
Proton NMR Spectrum Conforms to Structure
Recommended Retest Period 5 Months

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