Saltsyre in ethanol til mikroskopi, Sigma-Aldrich®

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M-Clarity™ quality level = MQ300

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Saltsyre in ethanol til mikroskopi, Sigma-Aldrich®

Hydrochloric acid in ethanol is used for the microscopical investigation of mycobacteria in sample material of human origin. It can be applied as decolorizing solution, as e.g. in the Tb-color staining set.

Once stained, the acid fast mycobacteria keep their coloring even after treatment with strong decolorizing solutions as HCl-ethanol. They remain stained red after counterstaining, whereas the microorganisms susceptible to acid take on the color of the counterstain. 1l of the Hydrochloric acid in ethanol is capable of decolorizing up to 500 slides.

The product is registered as IVD / CE product and can be used in diagnostics and laboratory accreditation.

Formel: HCl
Molekylvægt: 36,46 g/mol
Massefylde: 0,90 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Flammepunkt: 21 °C
Opbevaringstemperatur: Stue temperatur
MDL Number: MFCD00011324
CAS-nummer: 7647-01-0
UN nummer: 2924
ADR: 3 (8),II

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