Alum adjuvant, AlumVax phosphate

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Alum adjuvant, AlumVax phosphate
Proteinekspressions Protein Ekspressionsreagenser
AlumVax phosphate is a wet gel (colloidal) of aluminium phosphate 2%. Aluminium salts are the most common adjuvants used in approved prophylactic vaccines because of their excellent safety profile and ability to enhance the protective humoral immune response.

  • Ready to use suspension
  • Store at room temperature

It has been observed that aluminium compounds act by a depot effect and also by direct activation of the immune cells. Adsorption or entrapment of antigens in aggregates through hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions favours a high local antigen concentration and improved uptake by antigen presentating cells (APC).

AlumVax phosphate is an amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate which is negatively charged at physiological pH (pI=5 to 7), suitable for adsorption of positively charged or neutral, alkaline proteins. It stimulates Th2 response through the release of Th2-associated cytokines (IL4, IL-5, IL-13) and Th2-associated antibodies (IgG1 and IgE). It increases Ag-specific CD4+ T Cell proliferation and promotes NALP3 inflammasome activation and caspase 1-mediated release of IL-1 and IL-18.

Leveringsinformation: Shipped at room temperature.

Advarsel: Intended for research use only.
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