Hybrid fluorescence microscope (upright/inverted), REVOLVE 4M

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Hybrid fluorescence microscope (upright/inverted), REVOLVE 4M
This 'all-in-one' hybrid microscope can be used for upright and inverted observation methods.

  • 5 MP monochrome camera (upgrade from 3,2 MP) - this increases field of view and resolution for fluorescence imaging
  • Intelligent objective nosepiece - this allows the software interface to automatically recognise the objective being used
  • Z stack software module (optional) - automated acquisition of Z stacks
  • Illumination technique: Brightfield and Epi-fluorescence (optional phase contrast)
  • 12 MP CMOS colour camera (brightfield)
  • Four accessible focus knobs for upright and inverted configurations
  • Ultra-bright LEDs with 50000 hour lifespan
  • Touch screen functions drive cameras and illumination, replacing manual turrets and levers
  • Traditional eyepieces are replaced by an iPad Pro® tablet for easier viewing (retina display)
  • Custom software App simplifies the workflow of taking images and seamlessly integrates with other cloud sharing Apps

The upright observation method is ideal for viewing glass slides. Useful for water dipping applications.
The inverted observation method is suitable for viewing live samples in fluidic chambers such as dishes and well plates. It also allows for easier manipulation of samples. Ideal for long working distance applications.

Bestillingsoplysninger: To be completed with objectives, filters and light cubes, which are sold separately.

Leveringsinformation: Supplied with an iPad interface, motorised epi-fluorescence turret, brightfield and fluorescence cameras, power supply, precision X/Y stage, microscope cover, dark box, stage clip and lens cloth.
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