VWR® Traceable®, USB data logging barometer,

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VWR® Traceable®
620-2632EA 3050 DKK
VWR® Traceable®, USB data logging barometer,
The VWR® Traceable® memory loc, USB, data logging barometer simultaneously monitors barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. This device can be used in 21 CFR 11 environments.

  • Memory capacity of 819150 temperature observations for barometric pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Raw data is locked and may not be cleared/changed on the base unit; unable to delete data from memory once stored
  • Calibration points: 25 °C for temperature, 50% RH for humidity, and 650, 850 and 1000 mbar for barometric pressure
  • Monitors barometric pressure, temperature and humidity readings with user-adjustable logging interval from 1 minute to 12 hours
  • This barometer has altitude compensation to convert local barometric pressure to sea level pressure with the range of −100 to +2500 metres
  • Status indicators: Low battery indication, memory usage in percentage (rounded to 0,1%), days left until memory is full under current logging interval, USB LCD symbol indicates data downloading status, flashing LCD symbols and audio alarms

Hi/Lo alarms and time/date stamps: Unique alarm settings can be programmed for all three parameters – barometric pressure, humidity and temperature. Alarm tracking feature stores in memory each alarm event detailing when the alarm state occurred, as well as when the unit returned back to within range. Alarm state indicators include visual LEDs, audio alerts and flashing LCD segments. Data for up to 30 different alarm events can be retrieved with the most current event viewable on the display.

Smart alarm signals 'out of range' conditions: When an 'out of range' condition is sensed for barometric pressure, temperature or humidity, the smart alarm triggers. Smart alarm features visual and audible indicators which signal continuously until acknowledged, even if the parameter returns to the non alarm range.

USB data transferring: This data logging barometer allows recorded data, in a CSV format, to be transferred from the device to a PC/Mac with a USB flash drive (not included). Specific software is not needed and data can be deleted from memory. Each device has a unique ID that allows multiple units to be used in the same location.

Data logging features: Monitor readings overnight, at the weekend, or for any time period with rolling data log. User-defined data logging interval of 1 observation/minute to 1 observation/12 hours. Memory capacity maintains approximately a year of recorded data when using 1 minute intervals and longer when using larger intervals. The LCD details the current barometric pressure, temperature and humidity readings, along with the minimum and maximum readings for all three parameters.

Certificeringer: Multi-point calibration on an individually numbered Traceable® certificate which ensures accuracy from an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (1750.01) calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates traceability of measurements to the SI units through NIST or other recognised national measurement institutes (NMI) that are signatories to the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Leveringsinformation: Supplied with stand, VELCRO®, magnetic strips, wall mount, universal AC adapter, Traceable® certificate and batteries.

Advarsel: * Indicates batometric pressure value
** Indicates temperature value
*** Indicates humidity value
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