Maxima™ H minus cDNA synthesis master mix, with dsDNase

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Maxima™ H minus cDNA synthesis master mix, with dsDNase
Molekylær biologiske reagenser RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents
Thermo Scientific™ Maxima™ H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix with dsDNase provides a simple workflow that combines genomic DNA elimination and cDNA synthesis in a one-tube procedure. The cDNA reaction components are pre-mixed into a complete master mix that is convenient to use, reduces pipetting steps, and is optimised for cDNA synthesis in two-step quantitative RT-PCR (RT-qPCR) applications. Maxima™ H Minus cDNA Synthesis Master Mix is optimised for reproducible cDNA synthesis at elevated temperatures (50 to 65°C) within 30 minutes.

  • One-tube master mix for reduced pipetting steps and enhanced consistency in RT-qPCR results
  • Increased RT efficiency across a wide range of input RNA amounts and gene targets
  • High thermostability to allow RT reactions at 50 to 65°C temperature range
  • Integrated step of genomic DNA removal from RNA samples

The master mix contains Maxima™ H Minus Reverse Transcriptase (RT) and RiboLock™ RNase Inhibitor. Maxima™ H Minus RT is an advanced enzyme derived from M-MuLV RT by in vitro evolution. The enzyme features high thermostability, robustness, processivity, increased cDNA synthesis rate, and lack of RNase H activity. The recombinant RiboLock™ RNase Inhibitor effectively protects RNA template from degradation by RNases A, B, and C at temperatures up to 55 °C. The master mix also contains reaction buffer, dNTPs, oligo (dT)18, and random hexamer primers. A separate tube of No-RT control mix is provided for convenient RT negative control.

Leveringsinformation: Kit contains Maxima™ H Minus cDNA synthesis master mix, Maxima™ H Minus cDNA synthesis master mix No RT control, dsDNase, 10X dsDNase buffer, and nuclease-free water.
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