Networking kit with Centri-Log™ data collection software

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Networking kit with Centri-Log™ data collection software
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Centri-Log™ data collection software is a paperless process tracking and compliance solution. This innovative software provides effective quality control for the documentation (logging and monitoring) of centrifugation processes, enabling lifecycle management of processed samples, equipment optimisation, and compliance with standard operating procedures.

  • Up to 30 centrifuges can be integrated in a single network and remotely managed from a single desktop
  • Quick, easy, secure and accurate data collection and document management
  • Continual monitoring of speed, time, and temperature with alarm messages in case of deviation from protocol
  • Ensured sample security and integrity
  • Ability to check run parameters against procedures in PC database
  • Connect to central database through customised export file
  • Eliminate manual recording errors
  • Reduce risk of equipment downtime and quality failures

Windows® compatible with RS-232 port/USB: Windows 7, Windows XP and earlier versions: (Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows).

Can be used with the following Thermo Scientific centrifuge systems:
Heraeus® Cryofuge 5500i, Heraeus Cryofuge 6000i, Heraeus Cryofuge 8500i, Heraeus Multifuge 4KR
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