Mass tagging, mass tag labelling reagents, AminoxyTMT™, Pierce™

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Mass tagging, mass tag labelling reagents, AminoxyTMT™, Pierce™
Proteinekstraktions Protein Ekstraktionsreagenser
The carbonyl-reactive Thermo Scientific™ aminoxyTMT™ (Tandem Mass Tag™) Label Reagents enable multiplexed characterisation and quantitation of carbonyl-containing biomolecules (carbohydrates, steroids, oxidised proteins) by mass spectrometry (MS).

  • Achieve labelling efficiency greater than 90% in one hour
  • Quantitative and stable
  • 20-fold increase in signal-to-noise compared to unlabelled native glycan MS analysis
  • Optimised for excellent labelling efficiency and recovery of glycans

Native glycans are difficult to study by mass spectrometry because of their poor ionisation efficiency. Quantitation of glycans is particularly challenging due to the lack of standards for all naturally-occurring glycans and difficulties reproducibly quantifying multiple samples. The aminoxy group has better reactivity with carbonyls and better stability of the labeled product compared to hydrasides. Labelling with the AminoxyTMT™ reagents improves ionisation of glycans, thus improving sensitivity, and enables relative quantitation of glycans for up to six samples concurrently.
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