Mouse embryonic fibroblast isolation kit, Pierce™

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Mouse embryonic fibroblast isolation kit, Pierce™
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The Pierce™ Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) Isolation Kit enables high yield isolation and culture of viable primary fibroblasts from mouse embryos.

  • Procedure and reagents optimised for viability, yield, purity, and ease-of-use
  • Provides a 2-fold increase in yield compared to do-it-yourself methods and other kits
  • Cultured fibroblasts express the appropriate biochemical markers

MEF's isolated and cultured using the Pierce™ MEF Isolation Kit can be used as a cell culture model for a diverse range of studies, such as gene regulation and stem cell research. MEF's are used most commonly as feeder layers to maintain mouse embryonic stem cells in an undifferentiated state. With a combination of transcription factors, MEFs can be converted to a pluripotent state or directly reprogrammed to various types of cells, such as functional neurons and cardiomyocytes, which could have important implications for studies of development, neurological and cardiac disease modelling, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. The Pierce™ MEF Isolation Kit also can be used to isolate MEF's from different genetically altered mouse models to study growth control and DNA damage response. MEF's isolated and cultured with the
Pierce™ MEF Isolation Kit can be readily frozen for future use with minimal loss of viability.

Delivery information: Kit includes MEF isolation enzyme, Hanks' balanced salt solution (HBSS), and D-MEM for primary cell isolation.
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