Testkits, sulfittest, til Spectroquant®, Supelco®

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Testkits, sulfittest, til Spectroquant®, Supelco®
Miljø test kit
All Spectroquant® test kits can be used with the Prove range of spectrophotometers and Nova 60/60A instruments. Tests can be used not only on photometers and spectrophotometer from Merck, but also on photometers and spectrophotometers from other suppliers (programming details available on request). Spectroquant® cell test kits.

  • Very user friendly, validated methods
  • All the necessary reagents for the analysis are contained in the cells for most the test parameters
  • Packaging design protects the cells from fluctuation of temperature and moisture during storage and transport
  • The barcode on the cells ensures the correct method of analysis is chosen - eliminating mistakes and reducing set-up times

Spectroquant® reagent test kits

Highly stable, ready to use reagent mixtures in a user friendly design.
Free selection of appropriate cell format according to the measuring range.
Long shelf life up to 3 years.
All at room temperature.
Automatic selection of the correct method with help of AutoSelector barcode identification.

Note: The range quoted in the table below refers to the Prove and NOVA instruments. For some test kits the measuring range available for the Spectroquant® Multy and Move 100 instruments may be reduced.
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