ASTM-Like precision thermometers, ACCU-SAFE

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SCNL1202067SEA 1480 DKK
SCNL1202067S 620-2497 620-2496 620-2455 SCNL1202086S SCNL1205064S SCNL1205066S SCNL1202090S SCNL1205058S SCNL1205059S SCNL1205082S 620-2462 SCNL1205085S SCNL1202038S SCNL1205086S 620-2453 SCNL1205063S 620-2459 SCNL1202057S SCNL1205001S 620-2456 SCNL1202022S SCNL1205084S SCNL1205057S SCNL1202085S SCNL1205017S SCNL1202082S SCNL1202066S SCNL1205019S SCNL1205097S SCNL1202039S SCNL1202019S 620-2494 SCNL1205130S 620-2458 SCNL1205021S SCNL1205062S SCNL1202009S SCNL1202065S SCNL1205020S SCNL1205067S SCNL1205009S SCNL1202058S SCNL1205083S SCNL1202042S SCNL1202098S SCNL1205098S SCNL1205065S SCNL1202083S 620-2454 SCNL1202020S SCNL1202097S 620-2495 SCNL1202040S SCNL1202021S SCNL1202084S SCNL1205022S
ASTM-Like precision thermometers, ACCU-SAFE
Termometre Glastermometre Precision Glass Thermometers
Precision thermometer, ideal to measure precisely and reliably without mercury from the very start.

  • Round, white back capillary form
  • Suitable for calibration

Blue filling, stem type.

Certificeringer: Conform to ASTM standards.

Bestillingsoplysninger: Available with works certificate or with DAkkS calibration certificate (optional).

Emballering: Packed individually in a square plastic sleeve.
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