Qualitative filter papers, high-purity

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SARTFT-4-329-320EA 1070 DKK
SARTFT-4-329-320 SARTFT-2-205460570 SARTFT-3-329-110 SARTFT-3-205-320 515-1639 SARTFT-3-329-070 SARTFT-3-205-025 515-1637 SARTFT-3-329-150 SARTFT-3-205-400 SARTFT-4-215-110 SARTFT-3-215-070 515-1447 SARTFT-4-215-320 515-1638 SARTFT-3-215-055 515-1646 SARTFT-3-205-021 512-0600 SARTFT-3-329-125 515-1468 SARTFT-4-215-270 SARTFT-3-329-055 SARTFT-3-215-240 515-1643 SARTFT-3-329-090 SARTFT-3-329-185 SARTFT-4-215-240 515-1645 SARTFT-4-329-240 515-1465 SARTFT-2-215580580 515-1466 SARTFT-4-351-185 515-1581 515-1615 515-1445 SARTFT-3-205-030 SARTFT-3-351-125 516-7058 SARTFT-3-215-125 SARTFT-3-215-110 515-1467 SARTFT-4-215-125 SARTFT-4-351-150 SARTFT-4-329-110 SARTFT-3-329-240 515-1644 515-1444 515-1636 SARTFT-4-329-125 SARTFT-4-215-150 SARTFT-3-205-042 515-1469 515-1446 SARTFT-4-351-125 SARTFT-3-215-090 515-1580 SARTFT-4-215-185
Qualitative filter papers, high-purity
Filtre Filtrerpapir Kvalitativt filtrerpapir
Grades 292 and 292a are suitable for soil analyses because that are low in nitrogen. Grades 131 and 132 are used in phosphate or sodium determination.
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