Carrier proteins

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Carrier proteins
Proteinekstraktions Protein Ekstraktionsreagenser
The use of peptides for the generation of antibodies against specific peptides has become an essential tool in proteomic research. A crucial step in using peptides as antigens is their coupling to carrier proteins. Peptides are designed to be good epitopes by themselves; however they fail to elicit a strong antibody response. The reason for this is that the epitopes are able to bind to the B-cells, but are too small to contain additional motifs required to associate with class II molecules and T-cell receptors. The carrier proteins, once coupled to the peptides, provide these additional motifs and generate a strong antibody response. All three carrier proteins are also offered as activated carrier proteins, named as ActiveHOOK™.

G-Biosciences ActiveHOOK™ line of carrier proteins are maleimide activated by the addition of sulfoSMCC cross-linker. The ActiveHOOK™ line rapidly couples to free sulfhydryl groups on peptides and proteins. These activated carrier proteins save both time and money as separate cross-linkers are not required and the reaction is a one step reaction.

G-Biosciences bovine serum albumin (BSA) is a single polypeptide that consists of 59 lysine residues of which 30 to 35 have primary amines that can react with crosslinkers for the coupling of peptides. Supplied as BSA or ActiveHOOK™ BSA, a maleimide activated carrier protein, as 8×2 mg single use OneQuant™ vials or 10 mg vials.

G-Biosciences HyperCarrier™ is a cationised BSA that produces a greater immune response. HyperCarrier™ has been treated with ethylene diamine, which substitutes anionic carboxyl groups with cationic aminoethyl-amide groups. Researchers demonstrated that cationized BSA (cBSA) in comparison to normal BSA: exhibited unique immunogenic properties, produced responses which were at least twice nBSA and lasted longer, requires 500 times less for stimulation of T-cell proliferation in-vitro, and produced antibodies in response. Supplied as HyperCarrier™ or ActiveHOOK™ HyperCarrier™ a maleimide activated carrier protein, as 8×2 mg single use OneQuant™ vials or 10 mg vials.

G-Biosciences keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) is a widely used carrier protein due to its large molecular mass. The large size results in a large number of primary amines that can react with cross-linkers for the coupling of peptides. KLH has a stronger immune response compared to BSA. Supplied as KLH or ActiveHOOK™ KLH, a maleimide activated carrier protein, as 8×2 mg single use OneQuant™ vials or 10 mg vials.

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