ESD safety shoes, slip-on, X-Light, 7131032/7131037

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ABEB7131037/41EA 597 DKK
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ESD safety shoes, slip-on, X-Light, 7131032/7131037
Shoes and Boots
ESD safety shoe made from smooth leather and fuel resistant PU sole.

  • Perspiration-absorbent special lining with silver ions
  • Replaceable active comfort insole provides optimised comfort, orthopaedic insoles possible
  • Sanitized® treatment reduces odour and bacterial growth
  • Lightweight PU sole with high slip resistance and shock-absorbing system
  • Protective steel toecap (200 J)
  • Instep area with elastic band

Colour: White/black

Certifications: EN 61340 (ESD); DGUV 112-191; EN ISO 20345:2011; S2, SRC.
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