Uniform latex particles for immobilisation of biomolecules, PL-Latex

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Uniform latex particles for immobilisation of biomolecules, PL-Latex
Proteinekstraktions Protein Ekstraktionsreagenser
Uniform latex particles are used in a wide range of applications that exploit their physico-chemical properties in sophisticated immunoassay formats, both in medicine and veterinary science research.

Manufacture latexes with essentially uncharged surfaces for immobilisation of biomolecules by adsorption, and surfaces having carboxyl groups, allowing covalent immobilisation of ligands.

The intensely colored HiDye particles offer all the features of the white particles with the added advantage of intense color. As the dye is not surface bound, it does not interfere with the binding of the ligand. Innovative research into highly dyed colored particles played a primary role in assisting life sciences companies in the development of the first membrane capture and migration assays, in the adoption of a color-coded identification system for test reagents and cell labelling studies.
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