VWR® USC, Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

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VWR® USC, Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths
Cleaning via ultrasound has been one of the most effective methods of freeing parts with complex geometry, such as fins, under cuts, bore holes or pocket holes from residues (contaminants).

  • High performance PZT ultrasonic converter with ceramics technology
  • Homogeneous distribution of ultrasound in the cleaning trough
  • Lower noise development through higher frequency
  • Robust heating with integrated run-dry protection
  • Thermostat adjustable up to 80 °C
  • Stainless steel tank material and cladding

The physical property of imploding vacuum bubbles causes tiny air bubbles to form in the cleaning fluid, which generate up to 1000 bar and 5000 °C when the forces implode and penetrate all small cavities. Combined with a cleaning agent geared to the type of contamination and the material to be cleaned, it is possible, through the cavitation forming on the part to be cleaned without any additional manual workload, to remove residues like oil carbon, incrustations, grease, oils, oxidation, paints, dust, rust and limescale quickly in a way that protects the material and does not leave behind any residual matter.

Ultrasonic bath USC T: This range has a digital timer 1 to 99 minutes in steps of 1 minute.

Ultrasonic bath USC TH: With a digital timer and a tank heater, infinitely variable up to 80 °C, to assist the cleaning effect. To monitor the heater, a yellow LED display illuminates, extinguishing when the set temperature is reached.

Ultrasonic bath USC THD and THD/HF (high frequency): This machine has a digital operating keypad to ensure convenient setting and operation. D range special features are:
Digital time setting of 1 to 99 minutes or continuous
Digital temperature display adjustable up to 80 °C
Heater is equipped with dry-run protection
Ultrasound output adjustable over nine levels from 10 to 100%
Stabilisation of the set output, independent of level and temperature
Dual-half wave sound with sweep
Degassing function to homogenise the tank fluid

Leveringsinformation: Delivery includes bath, power cord, suitable adapters and manual. Tank covers and baskets have to be ordered separately.

Advarsel: Please note that models USC 900, 1200, 1700, 2100 and 2600 are equipped with a stainless steel valve to easily drain the bath.
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