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Thermo Scientific molecular biology tools are used by researchers worldwide. From quality high-fidelity or Taq DNA polymerases, simple and fast tools for cloning and electrophoresis, reliable cDNA synthesis products to specialised PCR enzymes, they are high quality essentials for everyday applications. Here are a selection of kits that will ensure reliable performance in every step of the traditional molecular biology workflow including restriction enzymes, reverse transcription, PCR, and DNA ladders. As not all plastics are created equal, for maximum PCR performance also use Thermo Scientific PCR plastic consumables (tubes and tube strips, 96- and 384- well plates and sealing plate options). Contact your VWR Life Science specialist to get more information about available samples.

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FastDigest Restriction Enzymes

176 restriction enzymes with 100% activity in one universal buffer. Also compatible with widely used downstream  modifying enzymes.

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Maxima Reverse Transcriptases

Maximaze your cDNA synthesis performance

DNA polymerases

Phusion High-fidelity DNA Polymerases, the gold standard for high-performance PCR.  
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DreamTaq DNA Polymerases, enhaced Taq DNA polymerase for routine PCR.
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Direct PCR Kits

For DNA amplification from variety of unpurified samples

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Direct PCR Kits

GeneRuler DNA ladders

For accurate DNA fragments analysis in agarose or polyacrylamide gels

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DNA ladders, GeneRuler

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Thermo Scientific Maxima™ First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kits with double-stranded DNase combine genomic DNA elimination and cDNA synthesis into a simple, one tube workflow that can be completed in as few as 15 minutes.