New range of disposable nitrile and latex gloves

New gloves lines meeting the stringent quality standards of Avantor and all critical market and regulatory requirements.

VWR Success Story

VWR, part of Avantor, helped an international company lower its accident rates and save money through standardization across several different locations.

Avantor and 3M

Working together to help the Pharmaceutical Industry, standardise, consolidate, drive efficiencies and reduce total cost of ownership. See the video.

Microflex® 93-260 nitrile and neoprene double-coated disposable gloves

Thinnest chemical resistant synthetic composite disposable glove

The new VWR Industrial Safety Solutions catalogue has arrived!

Request your free copy or easily download the PDF

VWR® CHF5CB coveralls

Don´t compromise on comfort or safety

Lockout Tagout (LoTo)

Protects workers from risks posed by live machinery or electricity

EN374-3:2003 is to be replaced by EN16523-1 by the end of the year

Both methods are technically very similar, but there will be significant changes in requirements. The list of challenge chemicals will increase from 12 to 18 and the Beaker symbol will be replaced by 3 categories of Erlenmeyer flask pictogram.

FASS 5 affaldscontainere fra Mauser/Hannell

Den nye FASS 5 vil stadig være den foretrukne løsning til sikker opbevaring og transport af klinisk risikoaffald mm..