Maybridge Screening Compounds and Libraries


The drug discovery process consists of different steps:

  1. Target validation
  2. Assay development
  3. High-Throughput Screening (HTS)
  4. Hit to lead (H2L) 
  5. Lead Optimization 
  6. Preclinical development 
  7. Clinical development

During high-throughput screening, potentially bioactive compounds are tested to see if they interact with a target of interest. 

The following step, hit to lead (H2L), also known as lead generation, starts with confirmation and evaluation of the initial screening hits. Afterwards, analogs are synthesized (hit expansion). 

Maybridge portfolio

The Maybridge portfolio consists of high-quality hit-like, lead-like and drug-like compounds which can generate valuable data in screening programs. They are developed specifically to support the pharmaceutical drug discovery process. The Maybridge portfolio includes:

  • High-Throughput Screening for Drug Discovery. This is a screening collection that consists of a highly diverse set of over 53.000 hit-like and lead-like molecules. The collection includes individually designed compounds, produced by innovative synthetic techniques. 
  • Maybridge Hit-to-Lead Building Blocks, specifically designed for medicinal chemistry, allowing SAR development and hit-to-lead optimization. 
  • Maybridge Fragment Libraries. Fragment screening is gaining wider acceptance as an effective method of accelerating the drug discovery process. The Maybridge fragment collection helps accelerate structure-based lead identification and includes 30.000 chemical fragments. 

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Supply formats  

Selected compounds are available in two pre-plated formats and in vials with stock available for follow-up when  required.

  •    96-well plates with 1 μmol dry film
  •    384-well microplates with 0.25 μmol dry film

96-well plates may be provided at mass ≥2 µmol or ≥0.5 mg as powder, dry films, or frozen DMSO solutions. 96- or 384-well plates may be provided at mass 0.1 µmol or 0.01 mg as dry films or frozen DMSO solutions. Compounds may also be ordered in vials at mass 2 µmol or 0.5 mg as powder or DMSO solutions.
We can also provide most major brands of plates and vials and we are happy to use those supplied by customers on request.    

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