European standards for eye protection

Basic standards

EN 166Technical performance standard
EN 167Methods for optical tests
EN 168Test methods other than optical

Standards by application

EN 169Welding filters
EN 170Ultraviolet filters
EN 171Infrared filters
EN 172Solar protection filters for industrial use
EN 175Welding work equipment
EN 207Glasses for laser protection
EN 208Glasses for laser adjustment
EN 379Specifications concerning welding filters

Frame marking

Frame marking must include the CE symbol and the manufacturer’s identification (logo or brand). If spectacles refer to the EN Standard, the number of the EN Standard is compulsory with the various application and mechanical strength symbols, in accordance with the tests requested by the manufacturer.


3 - Liquid droplets or splashes
4 - Coarse dust particles >5 μm
5 - Gas and fine dust particles <5 μm
8 - Electrical short circuit arc
9 - Molten metal and hot solids

Mechanical strength symbols

A - High energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0,86 g ball at 190 m/s
B - Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0,86 g ball at 120 m/s
F - Low energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0,86 g ball at 45 m/s
G - Resistant to radiant heat
K - Resistance to surface deterioration by fine particles (optional)
N - Resistance to misting or fogging (optional)
S - Extra strong, resists a 22 mm, 43 g ball falling 1,30 m
T - Mechanical strength against particles travelling at high speeds and extreme temperatures

Lens marking

Lens marking must include: The scale number for filtering lenses and the manufacturer’s name (logo or brand recommended by the manufacturer).

Radiation protection

2 - UV Protection (EN 170). The number 2 indicates the filter may affect colour recognition
2C or 3 - UV Protection (EN 170). The number 2C (previously 3) indicates the filter allows good colour recognition
4 - Infrared Protection (EN 171). i.e. protection from heat
5 - Solar Protection (EN 172). i.e. 100% UV sun glare protection - with no infrared (IR) protection
6 - Solar Protection (EN 172). i.e. 100% UV sun glare protection - with infrared (IR) protection
NB - The Scale of UV can vary depending on the source and application. Please contact VWR for further information.

Optical quality

1 - Class 1 High optical quality, suitable for regular use. Refractive power of ±0,06 dioptres
2 - Class 2 Medium optical quality, suitable for occasional use. Refractive power of ±0,12 dioptres
3 - Class 3 Low optical quality, suitable for exceptional use. Refractive power of ±0,25 dioptres


F - Maximum protection for spectacles with side arms
B - Maximum protection for goggles
A - Maximum protection for face protections

If the S, F, B and A symbols are not the same for the lens and the frame, the lower level should be assigned to the protective eyewear.