Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) - Secure the Future - WTW, a Xylem brand

Intelligent: IDS sensors are smart. They log on automatically, transfer description, serial number, calibration record and calibration history as well as their complete parameters.

Digital: IDS sensors process the sensitive signals into digital signals and transfer them fail-safe and error-free to the meter. No difference when using cable or wireless modules.

Sensor: IDS Sensors are based on proven and continuously enhanced WTW sensors. They cover almost any application in pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurement.

The IDS concept from WTW: Intelligent, digital sensors for standard parameters pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity.
The IDS system is based on two components: digital sensors and corresponding field and benchtop meters. The outstanding innovation: The measurements are processed in the sensor, not in the meter: 1 meter for all parameters: pH – conductivity -dissolved oxygen – turbidity

And in addition: As of now all IDS benchtop meters support wireless measurement.

The advantage of IDS: already “several tenthousands” electrodes found the way to the lab!

  • Processing of sensitive signals into fail safe digital data
  • Calibration records are stored in the sensor – independently from any meter
  • Sensors provide important data for documentation
  • Wireless measurement with IDS wireless modules and the new IDS plug head sensors

WTW's digital multi-parameter system for lab and field: How to measure with Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS)

  • IDS in the Lab: Secure results – Applicable for all purposes – Easy to use
  • IDS in the field: Robust and Waterproof – fail-safe signal transmission – measurements up to 100 meter
  • GLP Complient documentation – easy data transfer
  • Innovative and versatile, ready for all applications in lab and field

How to measure with IDS?

Look at the video!