Food & Beverage

Fødevarer & drikkevarer

Du vil gerne identificere eller kvantificere en vis sammensætning i en fødevare- eller drikkevareprøve. Kromatografiske teknikker anvendes ofte til identifikation og kvantificering af et udvalg af analytter.

Analysis of Patulin in Apples

You are required to determine quantities of mycotoxins in food. Patulin is a toxin often found in rotting apples. Here is a good example application.

Analysis of Water-Soluble Vitamins

You need to determine the amount of water-soluble vitamins in your sample, you can find a solution here.

Monitoring Amino Acids by HPLC

Looking to identify and quantify certain key amino acids in your sample, a simple HPLC method can provide you with a solution.

Aflatoxin Analysis By HPLC

Your lab must identify and determine levels of aflatoxin in your food products. Using HPLC, as described here, could help you identify a method.