J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packaging system

Enhance the effectiveness of your products and streamline your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes with the J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packaging system. This novel packaging platform makes it easy to deliver powdered performance materials and excipients directly to your process, whether you are using traditional or single-use manufacturing equipment. Reduce time-consuming de-clumping and subdivision steps with products that are pre-weighed to your specifications and compatable with non-destructive Raman ID testing.

  • Pre-weighed to your specifications
  • Desiccants for reduced clumping
  • Dispense tolerance of 1%
  • Raman ID compatible with satellite sample
  • Available in four sizes: 30 L, 65 L, 121 L, 150 L

Learn how the J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packaging system can make a difference in your operations.


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Webinar: In-time delivery of raw materials & excipients during continuous biomanufacturing

Our experts discuss how the J.T.Baker® direct dispense platform is used in continuous biomanufacturing.

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