Simplify Equipment and Instrument Services Management

Avoid Downtime Due to Routine Maintenance

Nothing halts productivity more quickly than critical equipment or instruments in need of validation, calibration, or repair. The challenge of asset and equipment management can easily grow into a demanding obstacle, as unplanned downtime sets research schedules behind, commits already over-burdened resources to administrative tasks, and increases stress on all associates throughout a lab.

The complexity of equipment and instrument management ends with the actual device; it begins with managing vendors, contracts, maintenance schedules, regulatory compliance, and repair appointments, all while balancing communication with different internal stakeholders.

How can you optimize uptime while eliminating complexity? Turn to Avantor Services. Our time-tested services can provide you with a single, central solution for managing your equipment and instrument maintenance, ensuring simplicity of process while delivering operational efficiency. We’ll work with you to implement cost-effective procedures that match your SLAs and KPIs, giving you control and peace of mind. Learn how below.

Service Solution Spotlight

A Team Specializing in Calibration, Validation, and Preventive Maintenance

Avantor Services helps you simplify equipment and instrument services, in and around the laboratory, with both onsite and mail-in solutions to meet your needs.

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Explore Our Holistic Solutions for Your Challenge

Centrifuge Repair & Services

To ensure a safe working environment and the best performance of all your centrifuges, we offer simple and clear contracts that cover all tasks for proper maintenance, calibration, and qualification.

Installation, Preventive Maintenance & Warranty Services

We offer tailor-made maintenance agreements with a choice of service and calibration intervals for a huge range of laboratory equipment and instrumentation.

Calibration, Qualification, Validation & Certification Services

We provide a comprehensive range of compliance, validation, and calibration services as either a stand-alone service or as part of a preventive maintenance programme.

Pipette Calibration

ISO 17025, NIST-traceable calibration and repair services for all makes, models, and configurations of pipettes, bottle-top dispensers, and more!

Chemical Management

Outsourcing delivers comprehensive solutions to chemical management challenges

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