Avantor Services

The Support You Need To Optimize Operations

As the world demands solutions for increasingly complex medical conditions and diseases, scientific organizations face greater pressure to quickly develop breakthroughs.

Avantor Services is the behind-the-scenes team that makes lab and production operations more efficient and competitive, ultimately helping you test theories, improve products, and bring your scientific advancements to the world as quickly as possible.

With the know-how that 160 years of supporting science and innovation brings, we work with you to address your challenges – from advanced supply chain logistics to scientific research – and plan the best path to success, helping you achieve it every step of the way.

Your Role in Science

We offer a collaborative process and customized solutions unique to your role in R&D, quality, or production. See how we help people who do what you do.

Your Challenge

What’s your biggest challenge? We have the resources and expertise to overcome a wide range of obstacles to efficiency, quality, speed to market, and more.

Our Services Portfolio

Enabling science means offering a wide range of support – based on advanced supply chain services and extending to R&D, quality, and production.


We’re known and trusted for supply chain services – but they’re just part of the picture. Explore success stories, white papers, videos, and more.