Abgene™ and Nunc™ plates for Biobanking/Storage

When a storage tube or microcentrifuge tube does not make sense for your application, a polypropylene plate can be the perfect solution. Plates are ideal as intermediate solutions between short and long-term storage or for use in experimental assays, due to the inert polypropylene resin that rarely interacts with the samples.

Polypropylene storage blocks/deepwell plates are used for more long-term storage of samples (master cultures, stocks), and applications that may not require a storage tube.

Thermo Scientific™ Abgene polypropylene 96 well microplates and deepwell plates offer storage security for assays, compound libraries or storing samples for either intermediate or long term. Abgene microtiter plates are manufactured to exacting specific actions in our Class 100,000 clean room ISO 9001 conditions using high quality medical grade virgin polypropylene resins, which ensure confidence in the quality and performance of the storage plates. Designed to ANSI standards these 96 well microplates and deepwell plates are compatible with a variety of automated liquid handling for high throughput workflows. The polypropylene storage plates are offered with U and V bottom wells for 96 well plate configurations, along with a wide range of volumes to accommodate most applications.

Elements to consider when chosing the right format, well shape and well bottom:


  • Can be 48-, 96- or 384-well and depends on application, throughput and automation

Well shape

  • Round: Independent sealing rim prevents cross contamination. Works with widest range of sealing options
  • Square:  Maximizes volume within ANSI footprint

Well bottom

  • U - sample resuspension
  • V-Conical -Improves sample recovery and decreases dead volume
  • Spindle – Virtually eliminates dead volume in wells during liquid handling

Product Selection

732-262096 microwell plate, V-conical, clear, non-sterile
732-262296 microwell plate, V-conical, clear, sterile
732-266196 microwell plate, U-well, clear, non-sterile
736-060096 deepwell plate, PP, round well, clear, 1,3 ml, sterile
736-060196 deepwell plate, PP, round well, clear, 1,3 ml, non-sterile
736-060696 deepwell plate, PP, round well, clear, 2 ml, sterile
736-060796 deepwell plate, PP, round well, clear, 2 ml, non-sterile
732-4822Cap Mat For 0.8 ml 96 Well Storage Plate
732-49000.8 ml Round 96 Well Storage Plate
732-49102.2 ml Round 96 Well Storage Plate
732-4942200 ul 96 Well Storage Plate, V-spindle
736-01981.2 ml Square 96 Well Storage Plate
732-3338250 ul 384 Well Storage Plate

Also available cap mats, adhesive and heat seals, along with sealing equipment, to make protecting your samples simple.

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